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Other Facilities

Prayer Space

There is separate place for prayer along with separate place for abdest/ wudu on the 6th floor of the main building for men and women. Here 140 men and 24 women separately can say their prayer at a time.

Cyber Cafe'

There is a cyber cafe on the 2nd floor of the main building with high-speed internet connectivity. The trainees of BIAM Foundation, the staffs and guests here can avail this facility. 10 persons can use it at a time. This remains open from 6 pm to 10 pm on working days.

Wi-Fi Access

Every floor of the Main building, Tower building and Auditorium is under Wi-Fi coverage. All the boarders, trainees and our client organizations can avail this.


There are 05 lifts ( 02 in the main building, 02 in the tower building and another in the auditorium building) functioning for the convenience of movements across the floors.

Power Sub-station and Generator

In order to confirm ceaseless electricity supply, here are to generators with the capacity of 500 kVA each as well as a power sub-station. In case electricity supply gets interrupted, the generator automatically turns on to ensure its regular flow.

Central Air-Conditioning

There has been installed 02 central ACs with the capacity of 120 ton each at the Auditorium and Multi-purpose Hall respectively with a view to ensure continuous convenience of air-conditioning.

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