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Departmental Foundation Training Course for the Officials (Sub Assistant Engineer) of Power Grid Company of Bangladesh (PGCB) Ltd. ( please click on title for detail )

Duration : 1 month 15 days

Description : For the Officials (Sub Assistant Engineer) of Power Grid Company of Bangladesh (PGCB) Ltd.


01: Bangladesh Studies


01.01: Historical Background of Bangladesh and Liberation War

01.02: Anthropological Background of Bangladesh

01.03: Introduction to the Bangladesh’s Constitution, Salient Features of Bangladesh Constitution, Fundamental Principles of State Policy and Fundamental Rights, Women Rights etc.

01.04: Executive, Judiciary and Legislative Operatives of Bangladesh

01.05: Waste Management

01.06: State Obligation to Women Rights in Bangladesh Constitutions

01.07: Women Development and Relevant Policies of Bangladesh

01.08: Evaluation Test

02: Administrative Rules and Procedures


02.01: Rules of Business/Allocation of Business

02.02: The Government Servant (Conduct)Rules 1979

02.03: The Government Servant (Discipline & Appeal) Rules 1985(with case studies)

02.04: The Government Servants (Special Provisions) Ordinance,1979. The Govt. Servants Discipline (Punctual Attendance) Ordinance, 1982. The Public Servants (Dismissal on Conviction) Ordinance,1985

02.05: The National Anthem, Flag & Emblem Rules and Warrant of Precedence

02.06: Local Government System of Bangladesh

02.07: Evaluation Test

03: Organizational Behavior, Ethics and Office Manner


03.01: Organization: Management and Functions

03.02: Office Manners & General Etiquettes

03.03: Team Building and Team Work

03.04: Conflict Management

03.05: Decision Making Process

03.06: Coordination

03.07: Total Quality Management in Public Service Delivery

03.08: Anti-Corruption Interventions in Bangladesh

03.09: Evaluation Tes

04: Office Management


04.01: The Secretariat Instructions, 2014

04.02: File Management: Opening, Docketing, Filling, Digital filling, Referencing & Indexing, Recording, Preservation, Destruction etc.

04.03: Noting, Drafting and Flagging

04.04: Letter Writing : Different Types

04.05: Office Inspection & Report Writing

04.06: Conducting Meeting, Preparing Working paper and Minutes

04.07: ACR Writing

04.08: Evaluation Test

05: Financial Management


05.01: Budget Preparation Process and National Budget Analysis

05.02: Duties of Drawing and Disbursing Officer

05.03: 03. Delegation and Sub- Delegation of Financial Power 5.03 2 hrs

05.04: Leave Rules & Leave Calculation

05.05: Pay Fixation with Exercise

05.06: Pension & Gratuity Calculation

05.07: TA/DA Rules with exercise

05.08: GPF, BF, and Group Insurance Rules

05.09: Audit Objection and its Disposal

05.10: Foreign Tour, Foreign Employment, Out Sourcing Policy Current Charge, Additional Charge, Lien & Deputation

05.11: Introduction to Public Procurement Act- 2006 & Public Procurement Rules - 2008

05.12: Methods of Procurement

05.13: Procurement Planning , Advertisement, Tender Submission, Evaluation & Notification of Award

05.14: Contract Admission, Complain, Review and Appeal

05.15: Evaluation Test

06: Development Administration & Project Management


06.01: SDG & Vision 2021

06.02: Development Planning and Preliminary Concept about Project Management

06.03: Techniques of Project Appraisal & Selection of Projects

06.04: Project Approval and Implementation Processes

06.05: Project Monitoring and Evaluation

06.06: Good Governance and Development

06.07: GO-NGO Relations for Development

06.08: Important Projects of DWA

06.09: Evaluation Test

07: Activities of Directorate of Women Affairs (DWA)


07.01: Running Programs and Projects of DWA

07.02: Upzilla Parishad Mamlah- 2014

07.03: Background of DWA, Function of Head Quarter, District & Upzilla Office, Monitoring System

07.04: Social Safety net Program (Vulnerable Group Development, Maternity Allowance, Lactating Mother Allowance, Micro Credit etc.)

07.05: “Empowering Adolescent Girls and Boys Through Organizing them in Adolescent Club for Bringing Positive changes within the Communities” Program

07.06: Women Training Center (WTC), Residential Training Center

07.07: Registration of Women Association, Grant Distribution and Monitoring

07.08: Different Program (Joyeeta, Career Women Hostel, Day Care Center, Women Support Program)

07.09: Different Committees at Upazilla Level to Protect Women Rights

07.10: Citizen Charter of UWA Office

07.11: Evaluation Test

08: Gender Awareness


08.01: Gender related concepts and Issues (Sex & Gender, gender Roles, Gender needs)

08.02: Men & Woman in the Socialization Process, Condition & Position

08.03: Gender Division of Labor & Gender Discrimination

08.04: Gender Approach: WID & GAD, Gender Equality, Gender Equity, Gender Equity Lens, Gender Mainspring

08.05: International and National Concepts for Gender Issues ; (CEDAW, Beijing Platform for Action, Constitutional Provisions on Gender Rights Achievement of Bangladesh, Nari Unnayan Niti-2011)

08.06: Gender Based Analysis: Gender Audit, Gender Awareness

08.07: Gender Responsive: Gender Responsive Budgeting Medium Term Budgetary Framework

08.08: Gender Violence Related Acts; Nari o Shisu Nirjaton Domon Ain-2003, The Dowry Prohibition Act-1980, Early Marriage Prohibition Act-2007, The Family Court Ordinance-1985

08.09: Violence , Gender Based Violence, Paribarik Shahingshota (Protirodh o Shurakkha) Ain-2010

08.10: Communication, Advocacy, Partnership, Collaboration, and Networking

08.11: Evaluation Test

09: Information and Communication Technology


09.01: Introduction to Computer :Usage, Basic Components of PC & Computer Operating Systems

09.02 : MS Word (Doc Creating, Editing, Saving, Formatting, Designing, Printing etc)

09.03: MS Power Point (Creating Slides, Formatting, Animation, Presentation etc)

09.04: MS Excel

09.05: Internet ( E- mail, Searching, Downloading, Uploading etc)

09.06: ICT Policy, E-filling

09.07: Bangla Vasha Rite o academic parivasha

09.08: Zilla o Upazilla Tatta Batayan

09.09: E-Governance

09.10: Innovation in Public Service Delivery

09.11: Evaluation Test

10: Extension Lectures


10.01: National Integrity Strategy

10.02: Right to Information Act 2009

10.03: Annual Performance Agreement (APA)

10.04: TIN and Filling up of Income Tax Return

10.05: Good Governance

10.06: Essential Qualities of a Civil Servant/Role Model

10.07: Evaluation Test

11: Communicative English


11.01: Listening Skill

11.02: Writing Skill

11.03: Speaking Skill

11.04: Reading Skill

11.05: Enriching Vocabulary

11.06: Words widely mispronounced

11.07: Evaluation Test