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Foundation Training Course for Labour Inspectors of Department of Inspection for Factories and Establishments

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Description :


01: Bangladesh and global Affairs, labour market related policies and programme, rules and procedures related to government service.


01.01: Historical Background of Bangladesh & Liberation war

01.02: Industrial Policy Of Bangladesh

01.03: Introduction to Bangladesh Constitution

01.03: Fundamental Principles of State Policy

01.04: Government Servants Conduct Rules, 1979 (including case study)

01.05: Government Servants (Discipline & Appeal) Rules, 1985 (including case study)

01.06: File Management, Opening Files, Docketing, Indexing

01.07: Noting Drafting and Summary Writing

01.08: Letter Writing: Different Types

01.09: Office Inspection and Report Writing

01.10: Conducting Meeting and Writing Working Paper and Minutes

01.11: ACR Writing

01.12: Duties of Drawing and Disbursing Officers

01.12: Delegation of Financial Power

01.13: TA/DA Rules with exercise

01.14: Leave Rules

01.15: Pay Fixation, Pension and Gratuity

01.16: Current Charge, Additional Charge, Lien & Deputation

01.17: Gender related concepts and issues (Sex & Gender, Gender Equity, Gender Equality, Gender Mainstreaming, Gender Roles, Gender Needs, Gender & Development etc.)

01.18: Right to Information Act

01.19: Bio-diversity / Climate change Extension Lecture: : --

01.20: Manners and Etiquette

01.21: National Integrity Strategy 2012 & RTI

01.22: Citizen’s Charter

01.23: ICT Policy & Vision-2021

01.24: Globalization/Market Economy Art of Reviewing:: --

01.25: Reviewing is another important component of the module one. Each participant will write a critical review of a book which is to be presented in a session where a faculty member will evaluate the participants' performance. The presentation of the review will be followed by a question-answer session. Of the total books selected for review and presentation, 10% will be from ILO Publications.

02: International Labour Standards, Labour administration in Bangladesh and Labour Laws.


02.01: Role and Responsibilities of Factory and Establishments Inspectors. [A snap shot]

02.02: Introduction of relevant Ministries and Offices

02.03: Industry, Labour and Industrial Relation- Country situation

02.04: Background of Labour Law and Introduction to Labour Law 2006.

02.05: Labour related other Laws and Policies.

02.06: Introduction to different law enforcement authority related to labour, industrial and safety.

02.07: Workplace safety and other recent initiatives of Govt. & other organizations.

02.08: Conditions of service and employment.

02.09: Working hour & Leave.

02.10: Wages/Minimum wage.

02.11: Introduction of Industrial relations/ dispute, TU structure.

02.12: Rights of women workers.

02.13: Rights of adolescent & disabled workers and child labour elimination.

02.14: Occupational Health.

02.15: Workers’ Welfare.

02.16: Occupational safety

02.17: Workers’ Social security.

02.18: Analyzing workplace accidents: Some case studies.

02.19: Workplace accident investigation.

02.20: Debate

02.21: Field visit

02.22: Field visit. [Factory visit]

02.23: Preparation of Report on Field visit.

02.24: Field visit report presentation and experts’ views and adoption of recommendation.

02.25: The Labour Judiciary (Labour Court).

02.26: The Labour Court

03: Labour inspection and Occupational Safety and Health (OSH).


03.01: Evaluation Method

03.02: Grading

03.03: Training Methodology and Training Material:

03.04: Medium of Instruction:

03.05: Smoking or Taking Drugs and Alcohol:

03.06: Miscellaneous:

03.07: Interpersonal Relations:

03.08: Requirements of the Course