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ICT Skill Development Training Course (5th batch)

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Digital Bangladesh is an integral part of governments’ vision 2021 which promises a prosperous and equitable middle income country by its golden jubilee of independence. National ICT Policy-2015 is also aimed at development and promotion of ICT sector to ensure its effective use to achieve nations development goal.


The said policy documents has emphasized for frame working key four ICT priorities i.e. (a) Developing human resources (b) Connecting citizens (c) Taking services to citizen’s doorsteps (d) Private and Public Services more efficient through using digital technology. With a view of that, Cabinet Division pledging to achieve specific objectives of ICT Skill Development through this training under capacity development program for the field officials.


The office of the Deputy Commissioner being a vital office of the government at the field level that needs to strengthen for ICT based citizen service delivery and for which knowledge and skills of the field level officials on ICT Skill Development is desirable. In view of that, the present course has been designed.


Duration of Course:

It is a Five (05) days training course and usually there will be three sessions every day. However additional sessions may be arranged if and when necessary. The training is residential.


i) The Course Objectives:


At the end of the training course the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the sporadic legacy in structure and legal traditions of E-Government and ICT in Bangladesh;
  • Understand and analyze the E-Government and ICT field;
  • Understand the important procedures of trail by ICT;
  • Understand the E-Government/E-Service Delivery functions;
  • Understand and analyze the various impediments of Information and Communication Technology.

ii)   Training Methodology of the Course includes:


The training methodology of the course includes lecture and discussion, assignment, feedback workshop, group discussion etc.


iii) Medium of Instruction:

The medium of instruction will be English and Bangla. However, use of English will be emphasized. The center encourages the participants to develop their oral and written English skills. It is expected that they engage themselves in free conversation in English as much as possible during the entire period of their stay at BIAM Foundation.

iv) Course Contents:

To meet the training needs of the participants and set objectives of the training programs following topics has been selected:


  1. Colloquium on ICT skill related issues;
  2. Concepts of e-Governance and ICT Policy;
  3. Block chain, AI,IOT;
  4. ICT Initiatives at the field level;
  5. Use of Mobile Apps as managerial tools;
  6. E-filing (Nothi);
  7. E-filing (Nothi) in mobile apps;
  8. Effective presentation through Electronic Tools;
  9. Online Grievance Redress System (GRS);
  10. Online SDG tracker;
  11. E-Mobile Court System;
  12. Annual Performance Agreement Management System (APAMS);
  13. National Portal: Information and service in a single window;
  14. National Portal: APP, UX, design, feedback;
  15. Security of ICT and troubleshooting;
  16. Innovation in Public Service Delivery;
  17. Service Process Simplification: a tool of good governance;
  18. Challenges and opportunities of ICT in Bangladesh: Debate/ Presentation;



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Zone: Dhaka

Course Type: Residential

Concerned Agency : Cabinet Division

Starting Date: 28-Oct-2018

Ending Date: 01-Nov-2018

Registration Begins: 21-Nov-2018

Registration Ends: 27-Oct-2018

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